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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Exploring Creativity Through Advocacy: Make a Poster and Sip

The one thing I’ve learned from the #MeToo and Women’s Movements is that women have a very visually artistic and creative side ready to be unleashed! For so many years, my female friends have uttered that they were artistically deficient, but I’ve watched them gather together for the Women’s Marches and come up with all types of catchy slogans and phrases with imagery that one would have thought came from an advertising agency. Given the chance to explore their creativity with a purpose through making protest signs has opened up a new channel to self-discovery. Somehow the activity obliterates self-judgment and disapproval of their innate abilities and they find their creative genius.

An alternative to the popular Paint and Sip event is Make a Poster and Sip. The difference between the two is that there is a purpose and passion behind the Make a Poster and Sip activity. Paint and Sips generally offers a painted image with a pre-outlined canvas template that you paint within the lines as instructed to look like the painted image. Make a Poster and Sip, generally refers to a political or advocacy sign and requires you to think about what you want to express and how you want to display it. It requires you to use your imagination and creative skills.

During these times of taking political action, Make a Poster and Sip events offer women and supportive men the opportunity to share ideas and unleash their creative minds in ways they haven’t ever before providing confidence and self-esteem. Participants are able to demonstrate by picture their deepest concerns about a particular topic allowing the words and images on the poster to speak for them in a supportive environment.

@Blend's Wine Bar, Belton, Texas

@A Grape in the Fog Wine Bar, Pacifica, California
Want to Host a “Make a Sign and Sip Wine” Event?

Here’s how…

Secure a room or have the event in a home with space to create signs.

Make a list of friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members to invite.

Create your flyer to send out electronically.

Post event on fb or social media.

Purchase materials and supplies for those that don’t bring their own.
List of materials:
  • Magic markers
  • Foam boards - different colors
  • Acrylic paint and paint brushes
  • Paint stirring sticks

Create a script for introduction and welcoming

Facilitate Storytelling

Poster boards are thin, but are purposeful and affordable. They come in different colors and can be rolled up if taking public transportation.
Foam boards are probably the best because of their firmness. They also come in different colors and thickness.
Cardboard can be used as well.
Size matters so choose a size that is standard poster board size 28” H x 22” W
Use thick dark colored permanent markers. Block markers cover more area.

Make sure your content is not too wordy. Short catchy brief sentences are best.
Words should be easy to see from a distance.
First, pencil in the message you’d like to say on your board.
Use a ruler to make sure wording is straight and write down what you want to say first. Space it out so that words are centered with a pencil. Leave a margin around the top and bottom edges.

Stencils can help keep letters the right size
Big bold black letters to use on white, pastel or neon colored boards and white letters on black boards or dark colors stand out the most.
You can place photos or glue objects to boards to make them look 3-D.
Challenge yourself to come up with positive creative phrases instead of negative ones.

Use of color is important. Make sure that there is enough contrast between the color of your board and the color of the lettering. You want people to be able to see your sign from far away.