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Monday, December 17, 2012

Spirit Communication

Communicating with Spirit is as natural as taking a bath, brushing your teeth or putting on clothes, but in order to make a Divine connection, it is important to know that the world of the nonphysical exists. Our uncertainty about the supernatural is because of our physical limitations that provide the foundation for our linear thinking. Our bodies transmit and translate energy. In our translation of energy, we are not able to interpret frequencies that are higher or lower than the ones we are able to receive through our 5 senses ruling our perception about reality.  If we cannot see, touch, feel, taste or smell something, it doesn’t exist.
The spectrum of visible color, however, represents less than 5% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum emanating from the sun.  When we see sunlight, at times we see white, yellow or gold colors. After a rain, however, when raindrops act like a prism, we can clearly see the band of rainbow colors of light forming an arch across the sky.  In fact, what we perceive as white light is made up of all the colors in the universe. 

If we were to take a closer look at the physical body and our DNA, genes that code for proteins forming our organs, only account for less than 5% of DNA. Of the 64 possible codons, 20 of them (amino acids) form proteins. What do the rest code for? Only recently has the rest of DNA formerly referred to as “junk DNA,” been recognized by cell biologists for meaning more than just trash that can be thrown away. More interesting, biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake, has written about (Morphic Resonance) an invisible morphogenetic field that lies within our DNA that holds the patterning organizing our physical structure as well our beliefs. Hidden in this cosmic serpent is an unspoken language that communicates to infinity and our universal interconnectedness on a constant basis.
This intelligence is the executive producer and director of all things. I call it Spirit, while scientists call it the Higgs Boson, others call it God, but it is the all-in-all and knows everything. It is the stuff we are made of and it permeates the cosmos. Although logically understanding the world of the invisible is a key component for some, the ability to see what’s not seen in the material, better known as FAITH, is by far the essential precursor for communicating with Spirit. All spiritualists know that "believing" is "seeing."
Just as in the string theory, there are various levels or dimensions of the Spirit world and because of our linear thinking we are not able to comprehend everything about these dimensions. There have been, however, some humans who have broken the cosmic veil and experienced this Spirit communication while in an altered brain wave state or from the development of highly developed senses. In life between lives regression, people often experience their Spirit Guide and other Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Krishna and Buddha. Even more people have recalled while sitting by the side of their dyeing loved ones that before transitioning out of this life that they’ve reported seeing Angels or their dead family members coming to get them.
If you want to communicate with Spirit, there are some things that can help you. Daydreaming is a great way to develop your intuition and multisensory perception. Clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and claircognizance (knowing), are highly developed senses that are higher versions of our basic 5 senses. Some exercises that can help you are: begin to focus on a plant and listen to the plant talk to you, or hold a crystal in your hand and feel its energy. Be careful of letting your mind take over and analyze things for you.

7 steps to Communicating with Spirit:
  1. Belief and Faith. Know that the Spirit world exists;
  2. Talk to God, your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide everyday;
  3. Look for signs and messages from them that are answers to your request. They know how best to communicate with you. Whether its through numbers, colors, dreams, signs, symbols, etc.;
  4. Keep the mind still in an altered brain state through short or long meditation. When your mind is cluttered with worry, doubt and life’s dramas, it is difficult for them to reach you from their higher vibration to your lower one;
  5. Create a book of recognizable symbols for your Guides to message you with;
  6. Stay loving and heart based. This keeps your vibration in resonance with their higher vibration and connects them to you quicker;
  7. Acknowledge them by thanking them. They love to be appreciated.

The more you talk to them and make yourself available for the good they have to offer you, the more they will appear.

Wanda K. Whitaker, visionary artist, certified hypnotherapist and author of Angels and Spirit Guides Activity and Coloring Book for Ages5+.