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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Enlightenment Through Conscious Art

"Free to be Me" Art by Wanda K. Whitaker
If you are an art lover and believe that art is the canvas of society in which we paint our stories on, you’ll appreciate Conscious Art and the visionary artist.  What makes art conscious is that its purpose is to awaken you to a higher part of self for healing to take place or deep contemplation relative to existentialism. Conscious Art transforms the viewer and it depends upon the viewer what resonates and what doesn’t. An abstract can strike a chord with some, while other art forms such as realism and modernism resonates more with others.  In a silent form of communication, the image transmits vibrations that are translated by you at a subconscious level and an association is made into meaning beyond the obvious.

In his famous painting, The Persistence of Memory, visionary artist Salvador Dali went beyond the canvas and through symbolism tapped into the subconscious mind about the meaning of time. In the book, Physics and Art, Leonard Shlain recognizes visionary artists as the first ones in a culture to perceive the world in a new way. Visionary artists such as the late William Blake, Frida Kahlo, and Alex Grey, see beyond the physical world to create images that captivate the mind and travel to the depths of the soul offering a different version of reality. Today Grey and his wife, Allyson, hold healing sessions and workshops in his New York studio around his art and other visionary artists.

The Persistence of Memory

Sacred art is an expression of conscious art. Step into any church, synagogue, or spiritual institution and you’ll encounter artistic representations of sacred images designed to keep one’s mind focused on sanctuary. From sculptures and stained glass figures to geometric and floral patterns, these artistic images displayed in the physical world trigger something in us that allow us to stay within the mental confounds of inner peace and comfort.

We are constantly growing and evolving in the human experience and “conscious art” takes you to a higher realm, reminding us of our divinity.  Placing a statue or painting of a Buddha image, an image of Jesus, Shakti, the Virgin Mary or Yemaya in one’s home often brings a feeling of protection, inner contemplation and reflection. Today yoga studios display images from Hinduism and Buddhism as a way to neutralize negative energy and express devotion to deities and religious practices such as meditation.

Wanda K. Whitaker Conscious Art Collection
                             Title: In Flow                                   Title: The Spirit of Jazz
The Wanda K. Whitaker Conscious Art collection of acrylic paintings is a blend of realism and conceptualism. Each work of art tells a story of transcendence, truth and enlightenment. Her collection of original Buddha paintings are designed to communicate self-awareness and inner peace. For Whitaker, who is also a certified hypnotherapist, Buddhism is not a religion, but a practice - the practice of awakening to one’s higher self and learning the dharma (teachings of the Buddha).  Design your home or office with a Buddha painting or statue and attract positive chi energy, reduce the pressure of stress on the physical body while promoting meditation and overall wellbeing. 



 Knowing the meanings of the color of Buddha images will help you determine your preference.

  • ·      Blue Buddha - healing yourself and others.
  • ·      Red Buddha - Lifeforce, sacredness, fire and protection
  • ·      Green Buddha – youth, harmony and balance
  • ·      White Buddha – purity, knowledge, longevity
  • ·      Yellow (Saffron) Buddha – stability, groundedness, humility, separation from the physical world
Whitaker's Desktop Dharma series allows you to stay enlightened while working at your desk or meditating at your altar.  The small Buddha paintings (8" x 10" and 11" x 14") can be painted in your own likeness or a Buddha image in the color of your choice. Additionally, the paintings come with an optional stand and a downloadable meditation.




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