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Friday, June 29, 2012

Art and Science as One

What does art have to do with science? Without science art cannot exist and without art there is no science. One is the instrument, the other is the music that comes out of it. For physical matter to be distinguishable and experienced, it must in some way take form and be measured. I think it is unfortunate that within our present day educational, legal, governmental and mercantile systems, we often separate the two giving more credence and unmistakable value to the scientific over the artistic. The representation can be further understood as the female qualities (art) and masculine qualities (science) of the human or right and left hemispheres of the brain. Generations of suppression of the feminine has resulted in a society that is boxed in with finite limitations and boundaries unable to discover its own human potential.

Look at any work of art, whether visionary art, music or dance and underlying it is various geometric shapes and mathematical algorithms. Color and shape take form within our minds in a flash and once exposed we give meaning to them to help define our experiences. Behind the world that we experience through our 5 senses, is a sacred fabric of geometric patterns. According to Albert Einstein, ‘‘After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are artists as well."

Art uses the right hemisphere of the brain which makes use of feeling, imagination and intuition. It's where we explore the vastness of who we are as spirits in the limited physical body that seeks to know itself through a third dimensional experience. It must be rooted in the scientific, which uses the analytical left brain of facts and numbers, the fundamental operational development that is the basis for creative expression to function in an orderly manner. The two are dance partners that create the magic of life. Wholeness or true living seeks to allow each of these partners space to be individually expressed and allow for their coming together with elegant sequential movements, that beseech the human senses.

Presently, our systems do not support the two with equal balance. That's because the men, who've up until this time, created and controlled the systems, are by nature more aligned with the left brain of analytic reason and scientific fact - the world of matter and the physical. They have devalued the right hemisphere as a mere bi-product, when it is the launching pad of human consciousness and the gateway to the quantum world. Applying more of the feminine right brain of imagination and intuition, would adjust the system and evolve it to heights unattainable by the constricts of the finite. Even in equations there is an element of spatial comprehension that goes beyond simple digits and symbols - calculus, algebra and chemistry. When the left brain explores the right brain with the same fervency, it can fully express its potential. One will discover the connection between the multiverses and the black hole with the theory of everything.

There is art in science and science in art.

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