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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Understanding the Art of Manifestation

(Please Note: This is an unedited entry in my journal after meditating.)

There is an invisible field of nature that cannot be sensed by humans, yet it has intelligence. At the subatomic level, it creates the grid for mass to be materialized into the physical. Consciousness is within this field. When humans are in a creative thinking mode, their thoughts come from the infinite field of intelligence. Information in the form of ideas can be received by the mind through the intention and focus of a being.

The being in the creative mode is at a relaxed state where he is able to transmit his intention through vibrational anatomy. As you may note, more than one being can have the same idea or thought for manifesting the idea into the physical to be expressed through movement or reaction to the vibration of thought set forth through intention.

Thought is invisible energy that has vibration and moves. Once a thought is received by the mind of a being and the being takes physical action or put into motion the idea, the invisible field moves to bring into the physical all the ingredients (people, places, circumstances, etc.) for maturation of idea into form.

In order to access this field of intelligence one must first realize that it exists and human beings are a reproduction of it. We are, in fact, made up of this intelligence. To understand it as cognative reality one must look at it in a very abstract way.

Take a look at humans. We are made up of cells and underneath cells are molecules that make up cells. Underneath molecules are atoms that make up molecules and underneath atoms is pure energy that has no form, yet exist only when observed by a human sometimes as a particle or sometimes as a wave.

Pehaps, one can look at the following scenerio for a better understanding of an abstract viewpoint or perception. You set an intention to make a loved one happy for a secial occasion. The idea or thought is impressed onto the field and transmitted back or received by the mind in the vibrational pattern signaling a birthday cake. You put into motion the thought through intention to bake a cake. Through focused attention, which is thought streaming in one direction (not scattered), you go to the store to buy the cake mix and all the ingredients needed for that perfect cake from the high vibration of love.

Once you arrive at home with the cake mix and all the ingredients needed, you begin to read the instructions. Now the cake has not been formed yet. In order to make the cake, you must combine the cake mix with the eggs, butter and water. (The cake mix, eggs, butter and water are also made up of atoms). Energy's unique property is that it changes form depending upon the environment.

You follow the instructions and prepare the cake in a specific type of baking pan and place it in the oven at a set temperature. After a certain amount of minutes, the ingredients that made up the cake have changed into the form of a cake.

If you would like to learn more about The Art of Manifestation, I invite you to join me and a group of seekers this coming Sunday, February 28th at a.Muse Art Gallery and Meeting Place in SF from 11:00am - 4:00pm. We will discuss some of these concepts and principles for manifesting our desires by creating and activating our vision boards for 2010.