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Friday, November 9, 2012

Soul to Soul Communication

When I was seven years old riding in the back seat of my father’s Plymouth, I would look out the window into the cars stopped at the same stop light and look into the eyes of the passengers. I was looking to connect with their souls. I knew then at a very young age that the body was the same as the car, a vehicle that the soul travels in to get from one state of being to another. Each time I deliberately looked into a person's soul, a feeling of true warmth would come over me and a divine connection would be made.

We live in a world in which the majority of individuals do not comprehend the language of the soul. It is not the same as the personality, which is terrified and fearFUL. The soul is fearLESS and has made the journey to the earth plane to fulfill its divine purpose and to learn the lessons for expansion of itself in the spirit world. The purpose and lessons were chosen in the spirit world before it was born into a human body through its parents. We choose our parents and we even choose our departures from earth whether it’s a chronic illness, disease, old age, handicap or catastrophic event. We have incarnated with certain personalities that help us attain our soul’s purpose and lessons this lifetime. Personalities are determined by the position of the stars and planets the moment of birth - more commonly known as the horoscope. Thus, our sun signs provide for some personality traits, as do the rest of the planets.

When we live by the personality alone, we can be tossed and turned by situations and circumstances of which many have been set-up prior to our lives on earth by our spiritual teachers and soul groups. That person who you don’t get along with, the boss you can’t stand, the abusive parents or the husband that leaves you for another is a loving member of your soul group. Unconditional love, compassion, authenticity, courage, etc. are some of the lessons we may need to learn. The people that we encounter throughout our lives may be more than mere associates, friends and family members. They are souls we set-up contracts with in the spirit world, however, these contracts can still be broken because of our “free will” on earth.  In her book, “Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential” Carolyn Myss explains this in great detail and even provides a process to decipher your own contract.

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with clients who’ve experienced their soul’s incarnation during past-life and between-life regression sessions. During these sessions they have actually felt the emotions of certain situations in these lives whether traumatic or loving. In the books, “Lives Between Lives” by Michael Newman and “Bringing Your Soul to Light,”  by Dr. Linda Backman, clients are transformed by a higher plane of awareness under hypnosis. This awareness has allowed them to look at their present challenging circumstance or situation from a different perspective, one that is rich in understanding of their divine purpose and chosen paths this lifetime.
Whether we realize it or not, we are communicating soul to soul on a constant basis. When we wear certain colors, we are transmitting signals that are decoded by our brains, i.e.,  red for passion, orange for creativity and pink for love, are vibrations our soul is picking up on. When our intuition tells us to make a choice different from our intellect, its coming from our soul. Knowledge and awareness of the soul allows one to look through a higher lens at what’s really going on in our lives. Deliberately connecting with each other’s soul involves looking past the physical to the invisible force that's driving it. Communicating on a soul level clears the road of perplexities and brings about a profound experience and shift that allows us to play the game of life with fun and adventure.
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