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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finding Joy This Holiday Season

Christmas is the season to be jolly! Better said for some, but many are suffering from being alone, without a romantic partner to share these joyful times. I should know, I've gone through this a couple of times myself. I know what it feels like when you're shopping at the mall and Christmas music comes on, reminding you of those memorable moments when times were better. (If you only knew that this is what marketers use to get customers in the spirit of buying you'd think twice.)

You who are facing disappointment or a relationship break-up, know that it is part of the course of personal transformation. Throughout the years, I've learned to not put my faith in man, but God alone is the one enigma that you can depend on. When I hold on to attachments whether it's people, places or things, there's always a possibility of disappointment. That disappointment comes from our own expectations or perceptions of a particular outcome. By putting your faith in God, we know through the perfection of truth, truth never lies but is steadfast and secure. Our Higher Source knows what's best for us and when we get out of the way, it will always provide more than what we could have ever dreamed of.

When we are able to let go and let God, or give all our burdens to our Higher Source, we can rest assure that all our needs are being met. We come to the realization that all the pain in sorrow is not pain at all, but an awakening to truth. We know that things are working out for our highest and our best good. Things may not happen when we want them to, for everything is in Divine order, in perfect timing!

Many who are alone during this Holiday Season, recognize the beauty within you. Feel the sadness and acknowledge that the sadness comes more from not paying attention to self...not recognizing how infinite, big and powerful your Divine self is. With all the distractions in day-to-day living, we have avoided ourselves. Rather than be with ourselves, we watch tv or go to the bar to have a drink. We are busy doing and not being. Being requires stillness. Being requires listening to what the soul is saying. Why have you avoided yourself so much? Within the depths of the sadness is your opportunity to love yourself, hug yourself, be with yourself.

Here are 7 things to do to help you get through this period:

1.) Purchase a Christmas gift for yourself and wrap it in nice paper. Then put it underneath your Christmas tree or special place with your name To: Me and From: Me.

2.) Mail a Happy Holidays card to yourself and write a note in it to you.

3.) Write some affirmations and put them on your favorite mirror. Make sure they have holiday designs.

4.) Provide a service for someone in need and do it for free.

5.) Call someone that you haven't spoken to in awhile and tell them you love them.

6.) Visualize yourself handing over a backpack full of burdens to your Higher Source. Say, I now let go and hand this over to you. I can no longer carry these burdens. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

7.) Visualize yourself happy and free to experience you.

8.) Sign-up for a free 6 minute energy booster at

This will surely help you find joy during the Holidays.